SAP Business Objects acts as a platform that is suited for the business users for the purpose of reporting and analytics. Through SAP Business Objects, users are able to, do the analysis to gain insights, discovering data and creating reports in order to visualize the insights gained. The drag and drop ability will give users the ability to be analysing data through different sources. Therefore, users are able to do their very own predictive analytics.

Crystal Reports

The SAP Crystal reports is a software solution that allow users to connect with the data collected in order to visualize the facts in the report, graphs and grids for decision makers to perform their decision making.

Web Intelligence

Web intelligence is a tool to create reports through the aid of a web browser. Users can be creating and analysing their report in the web,segregating the work results and even exporting the work result into other


Data Services

SAP data services is a tool that allows the functions of data integration, cleansing and data transformation to transform data into useful

insights for businesses to increase their efficiency. The data will be housed in a single location to be used by many users at the same time.

Design Studio

SAP design studio is one of the SAP Business Intelligence (BI). Design studio is able to help businesses create their dashboards and data

visualisation, enabling businesses to be able to gain more insights about theirorganisation.

Microsoft Azure is a platform to hold the public cloud computing where user’s

data will be stored under Microsoft’s datacentres which are located all around

the world. Users can have the flexibility to scale on the new applications or

even to run on the existing applications via the public cloud. Moreover, users

are able to put or to remove the computing resources just within minutes and

that increases businesses’ flexibility.


Data Factory

Azure data factory allows businesses to convert all of their large and raw data which comes from many different sources to be united to gain value for businesses after it is processed.

Microsoft SQL represents the cloud database services. SQL allows organisation to be keeping their data in the cloud and at the same time enabling them to scale the database size as according to the change in business

Power BI

Power BI gives the ability to visualise, analyse and data sharing to the business users who are having no technical knowledge.

Consists of sets of public cloud computing services. The services include, application development, storage and a wide range of hosted service designed to compute. The Google Cloud Platform’s services are available to be accessed over the public internet by the developers of the software, cloud administrators or even other IT professionals.

Big Query

Google BigQuery is a big data analytics web service which is cloud based and are mainly used for the process of mass read- only data sets.

Data Prep

Data prep consists of data gathering, data combining,data structuring and data organizing to allow data to be analysed through the data visualisation, analytics and also machine leaning applications.

Google Analytics

Google analytics mainly provides the services that consists of the basic analytical tool and statistics for the use of marketing or for the

search engine optimization(SEO).

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