Sales & Service Management System


Keep In Touch.

Always be informed of your business & customers.

A Productivity Platform

Simplify & Automate Your Workflow

Enhance your Sales & Service Activity with a centralized & mobile Sales & Service Management System (SSMS) to make your operations simpler, swifter & up-to-date. Leverage on cloud technology to facilitate your team access to tools & information, at all times & places, that assists in increasing efficiency and improving customer service. 

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The Great Messenger

A Personal Assistant To Keep You Informed 24/7.

Built for busy & travelling business owners. Our BOT messenger will keep you informed about your business operations & performance as well as recurring customer arrivals through push notifications. Obtain information on the go with our user friendly #commands to access the desired information, ranging from your team performance, to a customer's purchase history.

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Wise Asset Management

Inventories Can Be Managed, But People Must Be Led.

Inventory changes constantly. Throughout each day, sales, returns, new receipts - even damage and theft - affect your inventory levels. We make it easier for you to track and control your inventory levels, from how many of each item you have, when you might be running low on products and whether you should replenish that item in order to keep selling it. Plus, get to know more about your customers' spending habits through your inventory by viewing their purchase history. 

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Stay Connected

Constant Communication Is The Key To Retaining Customers

Stay in contact with your customers through our Customer Service Application. Benefit from the various features that enables your business to communicate with your customers through promotions from push notifications. As well as, prompt your customers for another visit by reminding them of their next scheduled appointment or keep them updated of new products and services. 

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Diversify Your Outreach

Expand Your Customer Base

Benefit from our Fleet+ that enables your business to reach out to Fleet Management Companies. Corporations are in dire need of information regarding their expenses. Our system provides the platform for these companies to access their purchase histories from your business. Don't limit yourselves, there are still potential growth in your business that can be harness through our SSMS.

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Knowing & Understanding

We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge.

Keeping track of all the customer’s activities becomes difficult and tricky. But knowing the patterns in the customers’ behaviors provides the decision-makers with guidelines for planning their business strategy. Our SSMS assists businesses in recording all information regarding their customer's purchase and transform them into insightful reports for analysis. With the immense database, businesses can discover the shortcomings and the opportunities based on the customers’ behavioral history.

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Reward Your Customers

Companies Grow & So Does Their Customer Base

Customer service is the bread and butter of doing business. Building relations with customers is the most effective way to grow your brand and promote sales. Businesses that prioritize customer service tend to be the ones that succeed and our Loyalty+ is designed perfectly for that. With our system, you can reward your customers and boost sales without giving yourself a headache to create one. Show your appreciation and build a strong & solid customer base. 

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Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Developed to make businesses smarter and faster. (2)


A platform for companies to benefit from the latest technology advancement to enhance their business operations and gain insights for future improvements.



A platform for companies to utilize data to inform or enhance processes, insights, and decision making.



A platform for companies to understand & communicate with customers to create long-lasting relationships.