Service Center Online

SCO is the base app of SRM. It is a cloud-based solution for enhancing the daily service operations of service centres.

As a Service Center is operated by several personnel with various tasks. SCO is designed to facilitate the operations needed to run the service center based on each personnel's role and tasks. This allows SCO to be utilized by any service center regardless of their service operations.


  • Check Vehicle - To check if the vehicle is registered into the system by scanning the attached QR.

  • Registration - Register a new vehicle into the system.

  • Add Service - Start a motorcycle service by scanning the QR on the motorcycle.

  • Service List - View the list of ongoing services in the service centers.

Store Keepers:

  • Inventory - Dispatch items needed for a service job.

  • Parts / Merchandise Sell - Capture information of a Part / Merchandise Sell Customer.

  • Vehicle Checkout - To confirm that the owners have taken their motorcycles back. 


  • Cashier - Confirm the payment of a completed service job. 

  • Receipts - View the list of payments throughout the day. 

Systematic & Process-Oriented

A Simpler, Faster, & Efficient Service Center Operation Experience

SCO will transform your service centre to be more systematic and process-oriented for users based on their assigned roles. Customer's data are also easily recorded by leveraging QR technology, which everyone is familiar with. The captured customer data are stored in a database, where it is managed and kept safe by a professional team. In addition, Mechanics can access this information anytime a customer visits the service centre by scanning their QR.

Part Sales & Merchandise

Don't Miss Any Opportunity To Know Your Customer Better

This function allows Storekeepers & Salespeople to do, as implied, parts & merchandise sales to their customers while still being able to capture their data as well.

Building Relationships

With Customer Through Transparency & Mutual Agreement 

Having the quotation allows service center staff to show & print quotations for their customers’ approval before starting any service job. This helps prevent any potential dispute between the service center & customer over any service that they may or may not have agreed upon on after the service is completed.


An Avenue For Your Customers To Help Improve Your Service Center Through Their Feedback

Customers after paying for their service jobs can also partake in a survey to leave feedbacks for the service centre. This serves as a platform in aiding service centres to further improve their services.


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