Service Booking Appointment

For businesses looking to expand their customer base.


Businesses operating in the service industry and looking to expand their services can adopt the Service Booking Appointment, offering your customers the option to make appointments with your store for a near future service appointment with them. Hence, building your reputation as a premium and customer-centric business.

Customer Self-Scheduling

An Easier & Convenient Customer Booking Experience

Customers will have the option to book a service appointment to fit around their schedules. Self-scheduling will bring convenience to the customers, as they are able to book their service appointments outside of their working hours or make last-minute appointments in the event that their schedule opens up.


In addition, online service booking appointments will minimize communication gaps and miscommunications, as it is straightforward and easy to use.

Smooth & Efficient Customer Flow

Plan Ahead For A Enhanced Customer Service Workflow

With Service Booking Appointment, Service Centers will be able to plan in managing their vehicle service schedule and divide the workload among their mechanics. This will prevent overbooking and improve customer flow as well as reducing queue waiting times.