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System (SSMS)

Enterprise-Grade Customer Experience for Service Providers

Key Features:

  • Modernize your Workspace

  • Stay Informed Always

  • Retain Your Customers

Why You Need SSMS ?

Times have changed and everything is now run digitally, hence it's necessary for business to embrace technology in this era and run their businesses digitally despite the expenses incurred because this promises a more positive outlook.

Examining New Tablet

Redefining Your Service Centre

SCO is a cloud-based solution for service centres. It enhances smooth running of daily service operations while enabling them to record their customers data easily through leveraging QR technology that everyone is familiar with.

Benefit for Service Centres

Service Centres are able to protect themselves against fraudulent and false customer claims by presenting Vehicle Service Records as proof of service job purchase.

An Essential Feature for a Secure & Unique Service Centre

Every vehicle service job record will be stored in the cloud services as it  provides an inexpensive alternative to papers and conventional digital bookkeeping.

Benefit for Vehicle Owners

Vehicle Owners are able to access all of the service records of their vehicles online. The Vehicle Service Records  can act as a proof of purchase of service jobs and can be utilized for warranty claims.         

This feature allows vehicle owners to view the service records of multiple vehicles maintained at different service centres.   

Maintaining a good relationship with your loyal customer is essential in customer retention. Bot messaging can be an asset in alerting you about the arrivals of your loyal customers to your service centre, offering you the initiative to forge a relationship with your customers.

Data on a Touch Pad

The Service Centre in the Plams of Your Hands

Enhance your workspace with the assistance of our SCO BOT service.  SCO BOT service helps in keeping you up-to-date with your service centre’s activities anywhere and anytime.

Keep Yourself Informed About :

•Customer Arrivals & Vehicles Registered

•Number of Customers Currently in the Service Centre.

•Stages of a Vehicle Service Job

•Parts being Sold

•Job Status (In Progress, Cancelled, Completed, and Paid)

•Payment Activity


To Thrive in the Marketplace,

You Must First Thrive in Your Workplace

By subscribing to our SCO, Your Service Centre will be equipped with a Waiting Room Dashboard that will give your Service Centre a modernized workspace ambience for your customers. With the presence of this dashboard, Your customers will be able to see the current status of their vehicle’s service job.
Additionally, it provides an avenue for your mechanic’s performance to be recognized; when a customer compliments their service via a survey, it will be shown on the dashboard in a bid to continuously motivate the mechanics for their competence.
Person Checking Data

With the current business landscape featuring fast-moving trends, having analytics would be an  asset to your business. Hence, SCO prepares you amply to react to such trends.

Information is the Key to a Prosperous Business

Data is not useful if you cannot make any sense of it. SCO captures all the raw data and transforms it into understandable information displayed on an informative analytics. This will enable you to make prompt business decisions that are not only informed but will also serve to grow your business.

Bike Repair Shop

With data analytics, your service centre can distinguish your customers based on their spending habits. By leveraging on these analysis, you are able to upsell or cross sell to the target customer.

Paying Customer

Every Customer is Valuable to your Business

It is essential for your business to identify your most valuable customers. By using data analytics, your business can immediately recognize your loyal customers. Therefore, being able to focus & prioritize them more.

Building A Customer Base

In addition, it is crucial to understand the ever changing customer landscape to attract more customers and create a stable customer base to ensure a steady and successful business.

Retain Your Talents

by analysing customer feedbacks about your employees. Our Analytics assists in monitoring your employee’s work performance which helps you in appreciating and recognizing their talents, consequently improving their self-confidence and performance. 

Inventory+ is specifically designed for service centre operations and integrated to SCO with advanced traceability of stock movement. Every activity can be precisely traced, starting from each purchase of stock, to which service job it is dispatched to, to which customer it belongs to. This is achieved by viewing a product through 3 different perspectives. 

Person Checking the Phone

Stock Card

The Stock Card view is where you can inspect the records of a product based on the type of transactions such as Stock Ins, Service Transactions, Interbranch Transfers & Adjustments. 

Doing Inventory

Stock Movement

The Stock Movement view allows you to exclusively examine the precise amount of incoming and outgoing of a product. Hence, you can track a product's history & tally its current balance with ease.

Packages on Shelves

First In First Out

Lastly, your products can also be viewed from the First In First Out perspective. This enables you to view which current batch of stock your service centre is using for a product. Additionally, calculating the gross profit for each batch of stock in can be done accurately. 


With POS+ integrated, service centres can broaden their payment options for vehicle owners and companies. As such, they can now pay for their service jobs remotely with their E-Wallets such as Touch’n’Go, GrabPay, and Boost without even needing to be at the service centre.  


Our latest venture with WeChat has also led us to develop a mini-program for SRO. So alternatively, vehicle owners can access their online service records securely  through the mini-program in WeChat anywhere, anytime in a matter of minutes.

Keyboard and Mouse

Subscription Plans




100 QRs Serial Number/Tenant

7 Days Upon Setup




Per Service Transaction

Per User & Branch

Service Center Online & Inventory+

Waiting Room Dashboard

(Upon Request & Allocation)

Contact Our Sales Person for more information.

1. The revise plan effective from 1st September2020
2. Above price exclude 6% SST
3. Tenant QR, SCO Credit is not transfertable between tenant, exchange for cash or refundable.
4. Switching between paid subscription plan only effective from every 1st day of the next following month.
5. Max number of user < 10 users for Business subscription plan
6. Inventory+ for Trial subscription limited to 1st branch (HQ).


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