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An All-In-One Platform For Your Business' Needs

SSMS is  suitable for all types of businesses operating in various industries, ranging from restaurants to clinics, by leveraging on our wide range of modules that caters to all of your business operations & customer engagement needs. 

Our system automates information & work flow in every revenue activity of your business from the beginning to the end. As well as, providing a consolidated view of all of your businesses, regardless of industry or location, that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Hence, you will always be informed of your business and can react to changes instantly. 

Get connected with your customers through our system and build a closer relationship with them. Recognize their spending habits and maximize their value through our various features by providing their purchase information & your services directly to them. Thus, building trust & confidence in your business among your customers.

Benefit from  a simple, user-friendly interface and enterprise-level analytics to assist your business in gaining valuable information to enhance your business - in the palm of your hands.


Centralized Business Operations

An All-In-One Platform, accessible to your team members, for a more efficient and effective service operation.


Enhanced Customer Service

Provide your customers a swift, friendly and responsive service experience.  


Collaborative Platform

A platform to facilitate team collaboration, from handling various sales & service operations to swift information exchange regarding a product or service. 


Portable & Mobile

Handle any service-related operations  anytime, anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps 


Leveraging QR Technology

Capture & Access your customer's data swiftly through QR scanning in a matter of seconds. 


Automated Workflows

Automate your service process from start to finish through powerful operational workflows and data integrations. Say no more to repetitive manual data entry.

SRA Features

Experience an Enhanced & Digitalized Business Operation



Building Relationships With Customer Through Transparency & Mutual Agreement 

Promote business transparency by showing & printing quotations to acquire your customers’ approval before starting any service job. This helps prevent any potential dispute between the businesses & customer over any service that they may or may not have agreed upon on after the service is completed.

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Collaborate With Your Customers To Continuously Improve Your Service Centre.

Customers are prompted to leave a feedback regarding their service experience after their sales or service job has been completed. Benefit from your customer's feedback to continuously improve your business and build a loyal customer base that feels appreciated by a business that listens to their customer opinions.

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Service Booking Appointment

Be Accessible To Your Customers Anytime and Anywhere.

Enable your customers to access your services to various platform, ranging from a phone call to booking a service appointment online. Service Booking Appointment will allow customers to schedule an service appointment for their at their convenience. Hence, promoting your business as an accessible and customer-centric company.   

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