An Inventory Management System built to enhance visibility, traceability & re-order strategy.

Discover new perspectives to view your inventory.

Inventory+ is specifically designed for service center operations & integrated to SCO with advanced traceability of stock movement. Every activity can be precisely traced, starting from when and who has dispatched the product, to which service job, to which vehicle, and paid by which specific customer.  This is achieved by being able to view a product through 3 different perspectives.

Stock Card

All About Your Inventory In One Display

The Stock Card view is where you can inspect the records of a product based on the type of transactions such as Stock Ins, Service Transactions, Interbranch Transfers & Adjustments. 


Stock Movement

Track Your Inventory From Start To Finish

The Stock Movement view allows you to exclusively examine the precise amount of incoming and outgoing of a product. Hence, you can track a product's history & tally its current balance with ease.


First In First Out

Your products can also be viewed from the First In First Out perspective. This enables you to view which current batch of stock your service center is using for a product. Additionally, calculating the gross profit for each batch of stock can be done accurately. 



Provide Assurance & Care To Your Customer

Enabling Warranty+ grants service centres the means to provide a warranty tracker for their customers. This aids service centre in helping to settle potential dispute between owners & service centres whether the parts used have warranty or not. And if does, how long is valid for, and how long more before the warranty expires.


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