Insurance companies have always had a ruthless competitive nature amongst themselves and whoever had effective marketing strategy and better offer had a slight edge over the others.

Be smarter, be faster

Individual risk

Some policyholders will benefit a lot, but it is feared others will end up paying extra because insurers will know more about the risk they’re wanting cover for.

Personalized Offers

Improve customer satisfaction, knowing exactly what each of them prefer for their insurance's needs.

Fraud detection

With the help of Big Data, fraud can be minimized through analysis. Decreasing the chances of being subjected to fraudulent claims.

Customer's insight

Making your business towards being more client - centric. Instead of being a blindly cold-caller, only call when you customer has needs, making them feel that they're looked out.


Access to important information with one look, getting the answer immediately.

Fraud detection.

Through big data, the fraud reduction can be highly effective . That is because, by involving big data, the insurance agency are able to track back on the past claims by their clients as well as the chance of identifying any fake claims. 

Threats mapping.

Big data is able to contribute to the insurance industry by setting the policy premiums that in turn, gives the agency a lot of information to be analysed from.

Analytics helps.

With ChainSpirit , we can empower your business by collecting data , analyse it , discover hidden trends and also correlation, making it into a dashboard. Making it easier to decide and fix the problems faster and this always gives business a slight edge.

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