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ChainSpirit has involved itself in the airline industry and has helped its clients to manage their massive passenger flight database. Not only we are well-versed in the language used in the airline industry but we also understand the business requirements in running such operation. Moreover, we have helped our clients in managing their Passenger Loyalty Program to which we not only manage loyalty member flight points but to help find potential new passengers using advanced analytics for our client.

Insurance & Financial Services

In such a highly competitive industry, insurance companies need better insights to be able to gain a more holistic view of enterprise performance. Whether it be in policy sales, risk appraisal, claims management or regulatory compliance, business intelligence can open up a wealth of opportunities.Self- service business intelligence for insurance companies can be transformational in this respect, giving users across the business the ability to create and manage their own reports easily, without requiring a high level of technical expertise. These tools are designed to empower users, providing a robust reporting solution that is also user-friendly.


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