Airline industry solution.

         The main characteristics of Big Data are Variety, Velocity & Volume. Hence, there are lots of things that Big Data could process, integrate & analyse.That consists of the information on weather, customer contact centre interactions, ticketing information, and airport performance time which will definitely offer some significant business insights.

         Through Big Data, the airline industry can obtain the benefit of smarter flights as well as the pricing and network strategies which will increase customer satisfaction and eventually improve the marketing efforts. Big data can also explore each customer’s buying habits. As a result, this increases the chances of getting a favourable response towards their future marketing activities.

        ChainSpirit has been involved in the airline industry for several years and are still continuing to work with one of the largest airline company. That has equipped the company with the vast level of knowledge. ChainSpirit helps the airline companies to build their very own “reputation” and gaining customers’ confidence to book a flight with the company.

         ChainSpirit always believe that information and insights have to be accessed quick to capture the opportunity and to spot out problems. In such, from our past experience with the airline industry, we have saved our customers from the hassles to develop and maintain the software system, the premium needed for the software as well as the need to find technical personnel. Therefore, enabling information to be accessed readily and allowing customers to place their full attention back on to their businesses.

         On top of that, there is an intense competition within the airline industry today that leads to more innovation as companies seek to save and make money to increase their efficiency, with a recent focus on the advantages of Big Data. Therefore, finding a partner in Big Data is important to allow the airline industry to process and utilizing data almost in real time. ChainSpirit is the partner you may rely on to move towards success.

           Moving on, ChainSpirit is having a deep knowledge in regards to “Navitaire” as we are handling the data analytics for our clients. During the process, we will obtain the data that is available in the Navitaire and perform the matching process in order to award members who did not provide their Member ID during the booking of their flights. The data flight details such as includes the departure date, (PNR) Passenger Name Record, passenger information, flight number, transaction details such as insurances, luggage fee and pick-a-seat, etc. In conjunction, there are still more to that as the details such as the flight timing, departure time, arrival time are considered as the most important flight information that has to be collected.As we are working really closely with our customers in the airline, we are able to understand deeply regarding the structure and the degree of complexity of the data in their business significantly well. In turn, we are able to increase their revenues.

          Moreover, ChainSpirit also contributed to the airline company by assisting in using the “points” as a rewarding method. The purpose of Auto-Award is to award the members who did not provide their Member ID during the booking of their flights. During the Auto-Award, ChainSpirit will be matching the passenger’s birthdate, first and last name to give more points to passenger who did not provide their Member ID during the booking to also gain the points. The rewards will be benefiting customers in many terms for their next flight.To our surprise, the recover potential points in a year have reached around 1,000,000,000 based on the business that we ran previously. As a result, with the number of points collected, ChainSpirit manages to increase the revenue of the airline company to an average of 50% to 75%. That is because, the company is earning their profit through the number of points awarded to customers. Besides, when there are more customers getting their points awarded, that will make them buying the air ticket more frequent as the points can be used to redeem air ticket and that when the point to redeem is insufficient, customers can top up the remaining amount.

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