Data Lake & Analytics

Information is the Key to a Prosperous Business

With the current business landscape featuring fast-moving trends, having analytics would be an  asset to your business. Hence, SSMS prepares you amply to react to such trends.


Performance Analysis

Everything you need to know about today's sales and your business performance.


Customer Analysis

Understand your customers & know how to reach them.

Data Lake Core Analytics

Information made simple. 



What attracts a single, 18-year-old female college freshman will be vastly different from what attracts a 50-year-old male engineer who’s married with children. Understanding these similarities and differences allows you to separate your market into individual categories and create specific selling points accordingly. This makes your promotions & marketing more precise because you can focus solely on serving smaller, more refined segments that are relevant to your business.

Our SSMS facilitates businesses and companies in gaining insight of the targeted consumer market through the customer data collected from SRA and transform it into an analytic dashboard that is easy to comprehend. 

Gaining insight through demographic-based analytics allows businesses to build long-lasting relationships with their customers as customers feel valued through a personalized marketing that suits their needs. Hence, they will be more likely to patronize your business again in the future and will be easier to find up-selling or cross-selling opportunities in them. 




When customers are unhappy, they stop doing business with you. It’s that simple. The more customers that leave, the less your business grow. If you want to keep your customers, then you need to address customer churn. Customer churn has a significant impact on your business as it lowers revenues and profits. 

Our SSMS assists businesses in identifying lost customers that have not patronized their business for a certain period of time as well as produce the list of lost customer's details for customer recovery and marketing. Businesses will also be able to prevent lost customers generation by analyzing the visit intervals of each customers and monitoring the number of days from their last visit. Subsequently, an appropriate marketing strategy can be utilized to target this group of customers.



Sales Performance analysis offers intelligence about the top-selling and slow-selling products/services, the obstacles in selling and market opportunities, sales forecasting, and sales activities that generate revenue.

Regular sales data analysis present an understanding of the products or services that your customers are purchasing and assists you discovering why they are behaving in a certain way. You can also find patterns in your lead conversions and drop offs. All of these elements enable you to optimize your sales process.

By implementing SSMS in your business operations, all data & information regarding your business operations will be automatically recorded and prepared into an insightful and easy-to-understand report to assists in your future decision making.