Powerful, Analytics Insight.

Data brings benefit to the company but is costly to obtain as well. That is the reason why each and every department in an organisation are trying their very best to obtain more information out from their databases. However, that is definitely not easy to be done.

But, ChainSpirit can give an end to that problem by placing all the needed data in a single platform. That enables you to be able to see the needed information instantly while increasing your decision making speed.

ChainSpirit can help you in building your very own dashboard that includes all of your massive amount of data into one single platform.

Custom made Dashboard.

You can finally have all of your up to date data in a single location and a single platform. The dashboard can be customised in your direction as of what metrics that you would like to have in the dashboard to be


See The Bigger Picture.

Sometimes all of the needed information are all around the places and it is really

frustrating. However, ChainSpirit can help by, pulling and placing everything together for you to  see the whole picture. Such as how your sales are increasing or decreasing with marketing and all the other important information.


Building up your own manual reporting is really time consuming. ChainSpirit can help you with that by placing any data that you desire into the dashboard. In turn, you are able to save more time to be focusing on your core business.

Easy to use.

Having the fear that using a dashboard could be complicated? Worry not as ChainSpirit provides you with the dashboard that is user friendly where no training is needed to be able to use and navigate through the dashboard


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