Customer Service Applications


An Essential Feature for a Secure & Unique Business

Don't wait for customers to come to you. Be proactive and approach your customers first. Constant communication is the key to retaining customers.


Stay Organized & Informed

A consolidated view of your customers' data to better understand and communicate with them.


Ease of Information Access

Keep your customers informed about their purchase history as well as a reminder for their next service appointment and product warranty duration.


Portable & Mobile

Businesses & Customers can access their sales & purchase history through mobile or desktop, anywhere & anytime.


Improve Customer Communications

Keep in touch with your customers through push notifications to inform them of product updates and promotions.

Individuals & Fleet Management Cmpanies

An All-In-One & Convenient Access to Your Purchase History


Every purchase history record will be stored in the cloud services, providing an inexpensive alternative to papers & conventional digital bookkeeping. Individuals & Fleet Management companies can access all the purchase history to track their expenses via CSA.


These purchase history records can act as a proof of purchase for product or service purchases & for claiming product warranty. Conversely, businesses are also able to protect themselves against fraudulent & false customer's claims by presenting said purchase history records..


CSA also allows individuals & companies with fleet vehicles to view the purchase history records of multiple vehicles maintained at different businesses. Through this, companies owning a fleet of vehicles will have a consolidated view of each & every vehicle’s purchase history & receipts.


Keep Yourself Notified On Your Next Service Appointment

MyReminder serves as an important role in connecting the businesses and customers post-sale. Customers  can check for any appointments reminders or suggested appointments from the businesses with this feature. Hence, customers can schedule their next appointment by calling the businesses or through the Service Booking Appointment


Frequently, people forget or are unaware of when is their next appointment. With this feature, the businesses can easily inform and remind their customers of their next appointment time-frame. In addition, the businesses can occasionally set-up a reminder for a future appointment. Businesses, such as service centres, a service reminder will allow wears to spread evenly between the tires because each tire position affects the tires differently. Beauty & facial centres, can also set-up a reminder for a future facial appointment for their customers for to maintain their treatment result. 


Stay Assured & Fully Informed About Your Warranties

MyWarranty facilitates customers in monitoring and checking which of their products are eligible for warranties, and the duration left for each product. 

MyWarranty is useful in situations where a product bought or used in a service job breaks down.  Through this feature, customers can easily determine if the specific part is under warranty and the remaining warranty duration. Hence, the customers can request a replacement by using the pruchase history record as proof of purchase. 


Conventionally, warranties are usually stated verbally, that is easily forgotten, or written in receipts, that are frequently misplaced. This could lead to difficulties in determining which parts are under warranty and in tracking the warranty duration of the parts that were used in a service or bought through the store. Hence, arguments may occur during warranty claims as the customers could businesses can be mitigated as all sales & service jobs and parts warranty are properly recorded.

CSA - WeChat

Our latest venture with WeChat has also led us to develop a mini-program for CSA. So alternatively, customers can access their online purchase history records securely  through the mini-program in WeChat anywhere and anytime, in a matter of minutes. In additon, customers can now access MyReminder and MyWarranty through WeChat easily.


A Secure & Convenient Service Provider

SOS is a feature that allow vehicle owners to request assistance during road accidents or vehicle break downs. When a request is sent out, nearby vehicle service providers will be alerted. The location of the request will be shared after the service provider has accepted the request and the vehicle owner has agreed on the service as well as the pricing offered. Upon arrival, the service provider can verify himself through QR scanning and the service job may commence.

Hence, vehicle owners do not have to worry during road accidents or vehicle break downs as they have a platform to request for a convenient and secure vehicle service job.