Intelligent Passenger Data Platform

Dynamic Reporting and Self Serve

The speed and agility through which the data is engineered provides great insight and real time engagement across all channels.

Flyer 360  View

Customer 360 degree view is a single point of control to all sources,it enables the creation of  detailed profile of passengers and enhance engagement.

Airline laser-focused Marketing

Precise Marketing or targeted marketing gives insight to segments of interest and ultimately allow proper response and meaningful engagement.

"Don't look where you fell but where you slipped" - Chinese Proverb

Airline laser-focused Marketing

​Increase Conversion Rate

  • understand who your passengers are through the various touch-points

Laser targeting

  • Increase your ROI through effective targeted marketing campaigns

  • Identify the most effective channel, therefore produce an effective budget

  • device an accurate target of the market through the identification of effective marketing channels

Smart Interaction    

  • Identify the most effective channel, therefore produce an effective budget

Flyer 360  View

Detailed Profiling

  • Nurture and evaluate existing flyers and identify the most loyal passenger segment

  • Identify the most profitable segment of passengers and routes.

  • Capture the reaction of different types of fliers.

Single Centric View of Passengers

  • Utilize a single point of control to connect all resources and take best action

Dynamic Reporting and Self Serve

Taylored Reports

  • Gain fantastic insight of your data that allows actionable decisions.

Attractive Dashboards

  • drill down features and non-technical requirements to be able to use

  • Accurate detection and reporting of exceptional trends and deviation.

Real Time Analysis

  • ​Understand what is taking place in all your data sources

“Torture the data, and it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase

Omni-channel Market Automation

Enhance customer experience

  • Enhance passenger experience and service delivery through multidimensional point of view

Best action in real time

  • Be responsive to future trends and provide the right content to the right person at the right time

Automate every passenger interaction before and after flying

Have a single point of control of all resources

  • Gain insight over all channels through the integration of social media and third party marketing tools 

Other Solutions

Web/Mobile App Development
On Demand Support
Business As Usual
Dashboard & Reports
End to end data solution.

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