Step into Elastic Business Intelligence on sophisticate data for limitless potential

Business Objects with the right resources and support, we empower you with momentary visualize and analyze massive and distinguish datasets

"Commoditize and Monetize your treasures data"

Data become extremely valuable when we can use it to serve human individually and correctly, rather just freezing it somewhere in your stone cold database

Interacting with your honest data, translating that into actionable knowledge, understanding yourself crystal clear, and making you smarter than ever)

"Think, where will your business be?"
Elastic  •  Flexible  •  Versatile

"As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information" - Benjamin Disraeli


Quick Access to Insights

ChainSpirit own a large pool of resources in both Malaysia and Vietnam which is always ready to serve their purpose, to solve your problem.

With our supports, you can skip all the data modelling nightmare and jump right into your strategy planning with analysis, from your complicated data.

Minify Your Total Cost of Ownership

With our unique end-to-end platform, you'll enjoy the experience of customizing reports and visualize any type and size of information you need, saving your need to invest in machines, license, softwares and data warehouses

Liberation From Traditional BI Constraint

Traditional way of analyzing sophisticated data required a series of tools, and department of specialists will have to work on it to continuously prepare the data for creation of ad-hoc reports and analysis.


Our unique platform allows user to freely explore, filter, and personalize the data in any details and getting instant answers to ad-hoc questions without headache technical job

Getting your focus back !

ChainSpirit's elastic engagement with both on-shore and off-shore resources proves that you don't need immense of IT investments and resources to deal with complex data.


Besides that, ChainSpirit is able to offers a total solutions and removes workload instead of shifting it between stakeholders. With our private cloud analytics, it eliminates the reasons of maintaining massive software or hardware.


Information is easily available to get visualize and analyze, while business users are free to focus on their core planning.

Elastic engagement with on-shore & off-shore resources

Agile, Flexible, and Accurate is what the current business world needed. ChainSpirit's elastic engagement allows businesses to starts small and grow big from time to time by result orientated.


With leasing your requirements to our massive support from local and Vietnam workforce, we make sure to keep you smooth and ahead in your operations.

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