Bot Messaging

Push Messaging

The Service Centre at the Palms of Your Hands

As a service center owner, you need to be fully aware of what is happening in your service center at all times (even when traveling). Our BOT Messaging, which comes with easy to use commands, will keep you in the know by providing you with a live feed of the customers at your service center and the stage to completion they are in.

Maintaining a good relationship with your loyal customer, which is essential in customer retention. Having BOT Messaging can be an asset in alerting you on the arrivals of your loyal customers to your service center, offering you’re the initiative to forge a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

At the end of the day, a Day End Report will be generated for service centre owners and managers to view as a summary for the day. It will show the total sales of the day, number of services done for the day and number of new vehicles registered. Additionally, a listing of the vehicles registered with QR & services done for the day will be created.

Bot Messaging is convenient for service centre owners and managers in charge of multiple branches. Traveling to several locations throughout the day, to oversee your service centres' performance may prove to be a challenging task. With this feature, service centre owners and managers can easily track their service centres' performance through the automatic reports generated by the Bot or by using the #commands to generate specific reports, such as the current running sales of the day. ​


Bot Messaging assists the manager in monitoring the customer flow of each service centre branch as every new vehicle registered and service will be reported. 



An Overview of Your Service Center in One Glance

Service Centre owners and managers can easily access specific information related to sales, service jobs, and their team through the usage of the #commands below.


  • #sales = Current Running Revenue from Service Jobs.

  • #plate = Viewing a vehicle's service job history

  • #job = Viewing the details of a Service Job 

  • #mysales = Current Running Revenue from Part/Merchandise Sales

  • #myteam = Sales Performance of Each Sales Person

  • #pending = Viewing All Ongoing Service Jobs

Service Centre Managers will be able to search for the service history of a specific vehicle using the #commands when a customer comes to complain about their vehicle's condition after a past history of visiting the service centre to service their vehicle.


For example, a customer might come to complain about the condition of their tire. However, when the manager checked the vehicle's past service records, the vehicle's tires have not been crossed or serviced for a long period of time. Hence, with the information in hand, the service centre can handle it accordingly.


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