Nowadays, there are more people using the aeroplane as their mode of transportation to their destination. Therefore, contributing to 202,157 planes flying all over the planet in just one day. Meanwhile, since the number of flights are on the rise, the numbers of customers’ data are on the rise as well, amounting at a terabyte of data, laying within the system. 

Be smarter, be faster

Better marketing

Be the fox instead of an ox, always be hitting the right target.

Personalized Offers

Improve customer satisfaction, knowing exactly what each of them prefer.

Smarter Flights

With Big Data, flights will be more safer and calculated as analysis have all factor covered.


Access to important information with one look, getting the answer immediately,


Knowing yourself and keep improving on 'holes' is always the best defense as well as offense, always having the edge in competition.

Increase marketing efforts

Little efforts, big result. Through big data, it will minimise the amount of work to the marketing team, as analysis can show customer spending patterns and etc.

Having a better relationship between customer and you

We will help in finding the "holes", building the trust of the customer in you.

Long term solution.

Being able to see the insights quicker, always gives the company edge. Ranging from being able to have a better flight performances to customer satisfaction, even increasing the revenue, giving you the slight edge that you need.

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