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Internship Program


Training professionals of the new Decade

Our Vision

ChainSpirit has always believe that with right mind and work discipline, people can excel in their career regardless of their background. ChainSpirit founded IP20, to recruit the new generation of IT graduates and set them towards the path of success and professionalism before graduation.

By involving interns in projects, our interns have the opportunity to learn the inner workings of corporate culture and refine their work standards to the standards of today.


Our Internship Aims to ...

Encourage Innovative & Analytical Thinking
Discover your career & potential

Pathway as an Intern



The first stage is where the intern learn to cooperate with his or her supervisor and colleagues. Cooperation is fundamental principle that all interns should strive for.

Independent Stage

After numerous successful tasks, interns earn the trust & confidence of his supervisors to pursue his or her own project for the company or our clients. A chance for the intern to express their creativity and technical domain.

Inter-dependent Stage

Upon reaching this stage, the intern will be integrated into the main team and play a bigger role within our project. As a collaborative effort, the intern will have the opportunity to exploit their  full potential along side with their colleagues. This is the closest it can be for the intern to experience professional work before graduation.

A Glimpse into the Past

IP20 Workshop

Sharing our experiences training & working with students from different universities and show them where they can jump start their career.


Nicholas Chin,

Asia Pacific University

I am grateful for ChainSpirit for giving me a fruitful internship where I had the opportunity to work with the airline industry and  get involved in their project. An experience to which I recommend others to partake in.

Ian Chern,

Help University

ChainSpirit has taught me how  to deal with clients  and to meet their requirements within a given timeline. I have also have the opportunity to learn and use the tools in BusinessObjects to which expanded my career options.

Luke Wee,

Asia Pacific University

Working in ChainSpirit allowed me to be involved in Big data industry firsthand and use  enterprise BI tools where  I don't get to do while in university. I recommend ChainSpirit for any student's internship

Collaboration with Universities

Our internship program is held in collaboration with high-profile universities in Malaysia and Vietnam. With a proven track record of students passing their internship program seamlessly, do sign up with us if you are in university course!